FateSpell ~ Dawn of the Aurora

Audley was in love with a woman that walked on four paws and coated in coppery-fur. He was in love with a woman who’d forgotten she was human.

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About the Book

Audley Morgan was in love with a woman that walked on four paws, had a tail, and was coated in copper-colored fur. He was in love with a woman who’d forgotten she was human.

She’d fought for him, sacrificing her human self to protect him. He’d fought for her, and despite the trail of bodies he’d left behind, he’d lost. Audley had lost Tristan.

After their losses, Audley had been forced to fall back because he needed to regroup. Their enemy the Regent, a relentless force that lusted for human domination, wanted Tristan’s power. If they couldn’t have that, then they wanted her dead. Their leader was stronger than any other enemy Audley had faced, and he had no idea what she was. He only knew she wasn’t human, could kill Tristan at her leisure, and he wasn’t strong enough to stop her.

What Audley needed, was answers he didn’t have. He needed to know what had caused Tristan to change, why his power was growing, and what they were evolving into. Most of all he needed to know how to repair their damaged fragile bond.

The war for humanity’s fate had begun. Like it or not, Audley was on the front lines of that war. Not because he cared about the future of mankind, but because he cared about the fate of one woman.

Her fate was tied to his.

So, he’d join the ranks of the Prospects and fight. He’d slaughter everything in his path. He didn’t care that his power was one he couldn’t control and could easily destroy the entire human species. Audley was not willing to live in a world where Tristan didn’t exist. And, he didn’t have enough mercy to let that world live.

Length: Novel
ISBN: 9780985182601
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