A World of Fuzzy Doom, With More Than a Smidge of Romance.

What is an Evil Bunny? Why does it have an Empire? And, who gave it a web page?
An Evil Bunny is that soft, strong, alluring thing that begs to be petted. It also has the tendency to bite just for fun. In short, it’s ME!
I am Tiffany Easterling, and I write novels that cater to sensuality and butt kicking violence. Where the danger is real, the romance is sultry, and the bunnies are super fluffy and cute.
The Evil Bunny Empire is my publishing company, my website, and the gateway to my world.
Enter if you dare.


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  1. Judy Gill

    22 Apr 2017 at 1:16 pm

    Suggest checking punctuation and spelling before submitting your blurb. The first comma below is unnecessary, The word “and” prior to ancient genetic should be “an”.

    Tristan Glass, wasn’t brave, wasn’t a leader, and didn’t have the strength to be anything extraordinary. It didn’t matter that she’d woken up from a near death experience stronger, faster, and able to heal herself. It didn’t matter that she carried and ancient genetic legacy that set her apart from all other humans. She didn’t want to be a hero.

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