Changing for the Better

I turned 51. Can you believe it?

Yes, I’ve grown and changed over the last year, and I am thankful that I was given the chance. God is good.

I’m prepared for people to reject my life choices, but I’m so grateful, I can’t keep it from changing me and who I am.

I have accepted Jesus as my savior.

To make a long story short, Jesus carried me through some suffering, carries me through. I realize that I want to spend eternity with him, and also, carry his love in this life with me, always.

I know how this sounds to those of you who are not Christian. I understand, because I was just as you are. And, if you ever have any questions, even the tough ones, I am willing to have discourse with you. Any time. And, to be clear, will never condemn you for who you are, Jesus wouldn’t and neither will I.

So, now that I have confessed my love of Christ, you might be wondering, what about the stories?

Good Question.

There are very few things I know for certain. God is love, Jesus loves us, love is infinite, and I’m a writer. Even if my stories are never read by anyone but me and my editor. I’m a writer. It is how God made me.

There will be some minor changes. But, good changes.

The romantic in me has always believed in soulmates, monogamy, and lifetime commitment. It’s just that I believe in God’s instruction. Intimacy is better after the lifetime commitment.

As for the stories I write, I will continue to write butt-kicking action, delicious romance, and true intimacy.

So, look forward to the next book in the Aurora series. Nolan is so HOT!!!!.

Oh, and Bunny is begging that I work on her comic… So, there’s that too.

Oops I may have given something away.

Also, the art is not my art, I got it from The Chosen website. I loved it so much I wanted to share.

Who am I? Tiffany Easterling. Christian and God’s beloved first, cheesy romance writer second.