Character Q&A

Audley And Tristan122016

Because it’s new year’s day, I thought I’d do something different. The following is a Q&A with the characters of GenesisSpell. No questions were off limits, but my characters are not into spoilers. Nothing of book two will be revealed. Sorry L


Audley: (Shifts in his chair and leans on one of his hands looking bored), do I have to do this?

Q: Yes. People want to know more about you.

Audley: (Rolls his eyes), let me get a beer first.


Q: This question is for Audley and Aesop. Do you celebrate Christmas? Has that changed since Tristan has come into your life?

Audley: Tristan doesn’t really care what day it is.  As for me, the holidays are good business. People looking to escape Christmas cheer hide out at my shop, and spend money.

Aesop: I actually quite like Christmas. It reminds people to be kind to one another, forgive one another or spend time with a person that they have not seen in a while. Yes, I do celebrate Christmas, without the presents.

Audley: (Snorts), what a load of bullshit. You didn’t want to spend time with me for more than five years until you wanted something. Kind my ass.


Q; Anna this question is for you. Since you cook for Tristan, what is her favorite food?

Anna: Believe it or not, it’s hamburgers.

Audley: It’s pears.

Anna: No….

Audley: It’s pears.


Q: Aesop, you and Audley have very unique names. Was there some special purpose behind them?

Aesop: Audley was named for one of our great uncles. I was named, as you would suspect, for the author of the old Greek fables. It was my mother’s way of trying to bridge the gap between western and eastern culture while hopefully reminding me of morality and common sense.

Audley: Out of two really bad decisions, I got the best one.


Q: David, believe it or not this question is for you. How long have you been reading manga and which one is your favorite?

David: I think I met Miss Tristan when I was nine. She was the one that introduced me to manga. Picking a favorite is like impossible. I have two bookshelves of them and I like reading them all. I guess  I like the ones that have epic battles, are scary and or gory the best.

Audley: Tristan’s way of spreading her geek-ism.


Q: Aurel this question is for you. How old are you and why do they call you witch?

Aurel: That aint a question that is asked amongst polite people, so I aint answerin’ it.

(The room goes silent and everyone looks toward Audley.)

Audley: Nope, don’t look at me. I only piss off the Holbert witch when I need to.


Q: Harrik, how did you meet Audley?

Harrik: The usual way.

Audley: At a bar, drinking.

Harrik: Much mayhem and violence ensued that night. It was a lot of fun.


Q: Audley, what is your ideal woman?

Audley: That’s the dumbest question anyone has ever wasted my time with. Tristan tends to irritate me in a good way and is hella fun in bed.

Aesop: Believe it or not my brother is sentimental despite outward appearances.

Audley: If the rest of the questions are this dumb, I invoke a veto for both me and Tristan.


Q: Aesop, where did you get such an amazing fashion sense?

Audley: (Happened to be taking a drink of his beer, nearly spits it out before bursting into fits of laughter.)

Aesop: I would like to think my mother gave me a good sense of keeping myself neat and clean.

Audley: You said that with a straight face?

Aesop: I suppose I could copy Audley’s fashion sense, but I feel that the dirty construction worker ensemble  would not suit.

Audley: (Looks at his brother,)  still with a straight face?


Q: This is the last question. It’s primarily for Audley, but anyone can answer. Do you think Tristan will return to being a human?

(The room suddenly feels heavy with intensity that puts everyone on edge. We all stare at Audley and he finally answers.)

Audley: She didn’t stop being human.

Aesop: That was a tad cruel given the circumstances. No one can say what is happening with Tristan, not even Audley.

Aurel: Of course she will return to having a human form, she just aint figured it out yet.

Audley: We’re done here. C’mon Tristan.

(Audley stands and leaves the room with the beautifully sleek four legged Tristan following behind him.)

Harrik: (Let’s out a loud sigh), well, that was interesting and bonus, it didn’t end in blood shed.


*The art included with this Q&A was done by the very talented Pai. She can be found here