Glossary of Terms

Aurora; Divine beings that have existed since the dawn of time. When mankind was a newborn species the Aurora acted as their protectors until they could grow beyond an infantile race.

cast: The ability to rewrite divine equations and manipulate matter; spell casting.

Cleric: An entrope that has super-exceeded the power limits that normally inhibit their ability to cast. They usually fully awaken when they are near or bonded with their Aurora.

companion: A cleric and an Aurora that are bonded together.

The Council of Eleven:  Made up of eleven humans, latents and Prospects. Because written records are forbidden, they are tasked with maintaining the history of the Aurora.

entrope: An incited human with the genetic knowledge that allows them to manipulate the laws of physics.

Genesis: The first of the human born Aurora that has been fully incited.

human born Aurora: A human that has fully incited Aurora DNA. Women are the only known humans that can survive with fully incited Aurora DNA.

incited: A human that has Aurora DNA that has been partially or wholly developed from a recessive trait.

Inquisitor: An incited human with the genetic knowledge that allows them to restore natural physics when the laws of nature have been broken by an entrope.

latent: A Prospect who carries traces aurora DNA that has been awakened or incited.

maro: The divine energy that causes molecular bonding and allows matter to form solids, liquids, gas, and plasma. Maro is the fifth state of matter.

obstruction: A ritual performed to take away an entrope’s ability to cast.

myphoris: A healing state in which massive amounts of endorphins are released as the body goes into an accelerated state of mitoses, or cell regrowth and regeneration.

Prospect: A human who carries traces of Aurora DNA that has not been awakened or incited.

Regent: The faction of Aurora that feel that humankind’s gift of free choice will lead to their extinction. The ranks of the regent share a common belief that mankind should be ruled by Aurora.

Torn: Humans that have willingly given a portion or all their souls away. A human body cannot sustain life for very long when it’s soul has been fractured.