With the release of her first book ‘GenesisSpell’, Tiffany Easterling accomplished her life-long dream of becoming a published author. This paranormal romance novel will be the first of many in her book saga, the ‘Aurora’ series. While the books do offer a different take on traditional tropes, they also reflect Tiffany’s many varied interests.

Tiffany is the middle child of three and grew up a military brat. She’s lived all over the world and appreciates the experiences that other cultures can offer. She’s been playing Dungeons and Dragons since she was old enough to throw dice, and has been collecting comics since the first Phoenix saga was released. Her long and enthusiastic love of cosplay has stretched across many genres and is something she still enjoys doing to this day.

Currently, Tiffany lives in the south of the United States with her husband, son, and menagerie of pets. On any given day if she’s not writing, she’s probably avoiding household chores. If she’s not at home then she’s at a convention enjoying all of the sci-fi goodness offered. She’ll be the one at the gaming table, wearing cosplay, and trying to kill her own party.



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