Let’s Talk About Covid.

I never thought I’d need to have this conversation. I wear a mask. I avoid crowds. I wash my hands until they are raw. I’ve been in self isolation since March.

I still got Covid19.

I’ve been watching Covid19 spread from China to the reat of the world since January. I’ve been scared of all this time. And, now I have to say something that is going to scare you, reader.

You’re probably going to get Covid19.

I know. Take a deep breath. I’m not trying to scare you. It is important to face reality. Covid19 is highly contagious. Masks and isolation will not protect you.

I want you to be prepared because there things you can do to boost/support your immune system. And, for whatever reason we are not talking about them.

So let’s start this conversation by talking about vitimin d, specifically vitimin D2/D3.

Did you know that vitimin D2/D3 has a huge impact on your body?

Lack of vitamin D2/D3 causes immune deficiency. It also slows down your body’s natural healing process. Cuts and bruises will take longer to heal. Colds and flus will last longer. Just as important, low vitamin D2/D3 can cause depression and anxiety. True story.

In relation to Covid19, there are studies that have shown that almost 99% of people experiencing complications with Covid19, besides having comorbidities had a low vitimin D2/D3 to start with.

In short, what I’m saying is, start taking vitamin D2/D3. To be clear it won’t prevent Covid19. It will boost your bodies immune system so you can better fight its effects.

I want to talk about a touchy subject, morbid obesity.

This is a very real issue. I’m not saying your, ugly, lazy, or worthless if you are morbidly obese. I want to talk about this because… because I’ve lost someone I love very much due to complications of morbid obesity. I know your a worthwhile person and I don’t want anyone else to lose the way I’ve lost. So, let’s talk about it and the complications it causes related to Covid19.

Morbid obesity effects every organ in your body, making them work harder. So, if your body is over taxed and Covid19 happens, you’re more likely to suffer serious side effects. Breathing, heart issues, and stroke are most likely to occur. There’s this whole science about how Covid19 causes blood clots, that then causes these issues. This reaction is more prevalent in morbidly obese people.

I know, I really know. Food is an addiction. We as a society don’t discuss it. And, I really know, excersize sucks. But, know that I too have this struggle. I will say that in the last 8 months, I’ve lost thirty pounds because I’ve made lifestyle changes. I really and truly believe that if I had not, my Covid19 recovery would have been worse.

I’m not asking you to deny yourself, starve, or over exert yourself. I’m asking you to consider lifestyle changes that would be advantageous to you. I’m asking that you love the people that love you enough to NOT put yourself at risk. Because, trust me, if something happens and they lose you, they will be devastated and the world will be sadder for your loss.

You’re probably wondering what my sources are? Or am I just blowing hot air out my butt? There are some good sources besides the standard media rhetoric. John Hopkins, Mayo, and Medcram on YouTube are the primary ones. I’ve simplified what I’ve learned because I want people to know that they can participate in their own healthcare. I want to have open discussion about healthcare and Covid19, not just the fear mongering that has plagued the media.

I truly hope that Covid19 becomes a thing of the past, but I do not feel that will be done easily. So I wanted to share what I’ve learned because of my Covid19 experience.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling. One of the millions that tested positive for Covid.