…And Send

I meant to update sooner. I still have to talk about meeting James MacAvoy, but I have been busy working on the Evil Bunny comic.

I’ve sent off the final storyline/storyboard to the artist. I’m super pleased with its progress. I hope it’s enjoyed by all… adults that is.

While the release date for the new comic is going to be in September for Dragoncon, I’m going to be doing something different. The comic will be available on Amazon. I did consider publishing it on Ingraham Spark, but KIndle/Amazon offers a higher quality print. Bunny must look her best.

So that’s what I’m up to… I promise to tell about my exploits with James MacAvoy next time.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling, comic book creator… who knew… I sure didn’t.

Sorry about the watermark. It’s to protect my work.