‘Life is not what not…’

To quote Sixteen Candlea.

So so much has been happening.

I’ve released issue #1 of the Evil Bunny comic. If you missed it at DragonCon, don’t worry, I will have an online store soon….hopefully. (fingers crossed).

I also, just got back from Dragoncon. Besides having post con depression… I’m super excited about all of the people I met and talked to. I had an absolute blast! And, yes, your feedback is heard, and appreciated. I endeavor to be better.

I’ve also been told to update my website more…. which is really good advice. The thing is, I’m not nearly as interesting as the tales I write. I mean, I’m just a writer, who games, and has a small zoo. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t update the website.

I have plans.


Deleted Scenes

More Bummy Content

Tales from my Zoo

Maybe that’s something to look forward to. And, yes. I am working on the next book in the Aurora series. Oh oh, and Priestess should be on audible by years end.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling, paranormal romance writer, and soon to be BLOG aficionado.