GenesisSpell ~ The First Awakens
Series: The Return of the Aurora, Book 1
Genre: Supernatural Romance
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781500527976

After Tristan Glass nearly dies, she discovers that she is the carrier of an ancient genetic legacy that changes humans into something more. The only problem, no one knows what that more is. As she comes to terms with her new abilities and the complications it brings to her life, she also has to deal with her new protector, Audley Morgan.

Audley Morgan is the epitome of masculine prowess and danger. There was something about him that everyone else feared. Tristan found herself compelled when she wasn’t irritated by him or his forced intrusion into her life.

The two of them unwillingly end up the epicenter of two warring factions that have existed before mankind and are both fighting for the fate of humans. Tristan has to discover what she is and what she is capable of, before it is too late for her, Audley and the world.

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