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Admittedly, my writer’s confidence took a huge blow a couple of months ago. I was so deeply affected that I couldn’t hear the stories that were constantly whispering through my mind.

After a very enjoyable vacation in the North Carolina mountains, I’m very happy to say, I’m finally hearing my stories again.

I cant wait to write them.

Who knew? I just needed a vacation.

I will post more about the happenings on my vacation in a different blog. For now, I will say this. Visiting the Biltmore, Ashville North Carolona, and. Driving the Blueridge Parkway should be on everyone’s bucket list.

In the meantime, expect more updates from me. And, look out for the re-release of Priestess.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling, and despite my existential breakdown, I’m still a writer.

I got the cover art for my first book. I will release the title of the book and the cover when I get it back from the graphic artist. It’s so exciting I can hardly wait.

I will also be releasing a brief synopsis. So, stay tuned for that.

OK, I have done enough updating on the website for now. Trust me, there is more to come.   My characters are begging for my attention, off to write I go.



I know the site is a little bare right now. I am working hard to fix that. I have never built a website before. It is fun, yes, but a lot of work. And, I had to learn something new.

So stay with me and I promise it will be worth it.


I am a urban science fiction with more than a smidge of romance, writer. And, I love what I do.

This website is dedicated to what I love.

Here you will find upcoming book releases, art, contests, and yes, dare I say it, Fanfiction.

Sit back, stay a while and enjoy.



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