I fell in love in thirty seconds.

Let’s take a moment to discuss Nathan Fillion because I got to meet him. And, I got to talk to him for a whole thirty seconds at Dragoncon.

I have this book, my book. One of my first prints of GenesisSpell. It isn’t the copy that’s available now. It’s the first edition, before final copy, and it has lots more grammar mistakes. (My secret shame is that I suck at grammar. Yeah, I know, whole other blog post.) Anyway, I started getting signatures in, said book, riddled with the black marks of my many mistakes. Not just famous people’s signatures, but signatures like the woman who bought the very first book, another writer that was kind and encouraging, the fun guy, with a devastating smile, that will spend all night at a con talking about anime with you. Yes, I do have other signatures in it, from famous actors and voice actors too, but they all have value to me.

So then, there’s me, at Dragoncon, standing in line with no less than five hundred other people, waiting three hours to get Nathan Fillion signature in my book. Did I mention I was cosplaying a female Mal?

Finally, it’s my turn to meet him. And, OMG, he was panting dropping charming. He was engaging, friendly, and genuine. He shook my hand and gave me a gorgeous smile that damn near made my heart stop. Then he said, “I like your outfit.”

Me, I babbled on something about taking care of himself, because con’s are full of nasty. I don’t know why. I just didn’t want this beautiful, charming man succumbing to con crud. He thanked me said he was getting a bit of a migraine, to which I apologized, then I thanked him for his signature, and walked away wondering why I was so concerned with his health.

Then I figured it out.

I fell in love with Nothing Fillion in thirty seconds flat.

And, I didn’t want anything to happen to my new love.

Feeling this way, is very unusual for me. I like being in love with the unobtainable fictional character. I like obsessing and daydreaming over men that don’t exist. Sure, Malcolm Reynolds is completely obsession-worthy, but I never imagined that Nathan Fillion was too.

I’m baffled by my own thought processes and how I let this happen. Not only do I not like real life me, but I have a very definite type.
Nathan Fillion as a sexy, charming personal rule breaker.

Thank God, he only talked to me for thirty seconds, because I’m not sure my heart could take much longer.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling, science fiction romance writer. I’m also that girl that falls for a charming smile.