I’m not obsessed…


Today I was talking to a friend and they said, “it was a great book, but I got busy and then distracted by another book.” No, this wasn’t about my book, but a general statement. Although I must admit I was confused by, then dumbfounded by, my friends comment.

Me, when I find a good book, or a book that holds my interest, it’s like finding treasure. I hold it, love it and I don’t let it go until…well I just don’t let it go.

I have been known to stay up all night reading then go to work on no sleep, with the singular thought of getting back to a place where I can read said book. I will skip meals, forget to wash my hair, and even become a shut in of sorts until I’m done. After that I get post book depression. ‘It was over just too quick.’

If the book happens to be a series, I may not come up for air at all… I’ve called in sick to read. I’ve stood in line at book stores to get a newly released book, because I MUST know how the story goes on. I grudgingly pre-order books, not because I don’t want to pay for them, but I am hedonistic by nature and knowing I have to wait for a certain date to be able to satisfy my need, it’s worse than waiting for Christmas morning. For me, I don’t have the patience for it.

I often do this with comics, anime, and TV shows. I’ve driven to four different comic shops in order to complete the arc of that comic. I’ve also been known to get impatient waiting on English print versions of manga and stayed up until one in the morning just so I can read the translated release. When I discovered Bleach; it was on episode two hundred and ninety-six. I mainlined and finished it in just over a week. Mind you, my family was mad at me because I didn’t cook for an entire week, but I say it was worth it.

Even after I finish stories I love I often revisit them. Whenever I’m sick, every time I’m sick, I watch Howl’s Moving Castle. I’ve seen Alias, all five seasons, at least ten times. That, Firefly, Star Trek, and Stargate, are my usual back ground interest/noise when I write. For some reason, every time we have a rainy week, here in Florida, I get the urge to read Harry Potter. I often spend hours poring over my Witchblade or Crossgen comics, looking for details I missed the first fifty times I read it.

It makes me wonder how I get anything else done. I love getting lost in stories, even when I write. Sometimes I do consider this might be a bad thing, and maybe it’s a behavior I should correct. I will own it. It’s possible I should curtail my obsession, but even  if I should correct myself I know I won’t. I just can’t imagine someone walking away from a good story. To me it’s like letting all the characters in The Never Ending Story die.

How does everyone else read books? Do you pace yourself? Do you read the last chapter first to make sure you will be okay with the ending? Do you read more than one book at a time? Or do you obsess over the story until you know how it ends, like I do?


Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling, paranormal science fiction writer and obsessive compulsive hunter collector of stories of all kinds.