When it comes to logistics… all I have are planning and good intentions.

Today I wanted to work on my website and get it ready for the upcoming release of FateSpell. But, after ten hours of work, a trip to the grocery story, cooking dinner, and doing my regular chores, my energy has just pittered out.

Well, that is the excuse I’m going with.

It’s not because I hate logistics and find them torturously boring. No. It’s not because I consistently roll a botch every time I log into my WordPress account. It’s not because I always manage completely wreck my website before I finally add something.

It’s not because my website and I are mortal enemies locked in an epic fight for the Iron Throne.

Sigh okay… it is. Today I shamefully lost my battle with WordPress and barely managed to get the website looking like it was before I conceded victory to WordPress.

The battle will rage on tomorrow. Where I will hopefully conquer this monster that is WordPress enough to get some new content available regarding ‘FateSpell, book two of the Aurora series’.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling cheesy sci-fi romance writer, and the latest casualty of technology.