I’m going to answer the burning question. Why did book two take so long?

The truth, I wanted it to be better than book one. I wanted it to be the best part of the story.

I think I’ve achieved that… for the most part. I may fall into that cliché of writers that are never satisfied with their work. But, I had to let it go. In the end, my characters bullied me into it. They wanted you to hear the rest of their story.

Just in case you’re wondering there isn’t going to be a book three. Book two is going to finish Audley and Tristan’s saga. Truth be told, Audley was not going to let me break this story into three parts. He’s impatient and tends to get destructive when he doesn’t get his way.

I like my house, thank you very much.

In other exciting news. Book two has a collection of new characters eager to be introduced to readers… Aeeaaannnd, anxious to be the center of a reader’s attention.

Who am I?

I’m Tiffany Easterling, cheesy sci-fi romance writer. And, in 5 days… publisher of my own series.