Mistakes, because I’m not too hard headed to learn from them.

As a writer, especially one who started a little late in life, I have had to learn some very important lessons.

For example; What is a good idea? What is a bad idea? Inevitably I fail to recognize good ideas until I’ve tried and failed… a lot.

But, here is what I’ve learned.

First and very importantly, no matter how impatient I am, I will never publish unfinished story again. I dislike it, I’m pretty sure it frustrates my readers, and my characters hate it. Seriously, you should hear the voices in my head. They tend to bitch loudly when they don’t get their way.

Though the Aurora will be an epic saga, with action, romance, and awesome sex, I promise never to leave you the reader… and more importantly, my characters hanging in the lurch.

Time management is another mistake I make. This is something I’m continually struggling with because I’m very easily distracted by the ‘shiny things’ of the world. I mean the second season of Voltron could have waited?

However, I did realize I have an hour for lunch every day at my day job. (The one that sucks out my soul for eight hours a day, five days a week.)

It doesn’t take me an hour to eat. It doesn’t even take me an hour to drink a cup of coffee. In fact, I could drink a cup of coffee, eat, go to the bathroom, offer minor socialization, and still have time to sit at my desk and doze for a light cat nap.

Amazingly, I have been wasting a productive hour a day. I have an entire hour that I could dedicate to maintaining my social media and blogs. I normally don’t devote a whole lot of time social updated, because UCK logistics… and I get distracted by the shiny when I attempt to do these things.

There are NO distractions at my day job.
So, look forward to updates on my social media and more insight into my crazy brain.

Who am I?

I’m Tiffany Easterling Sci-fi romance write…..Ooh Shiny.