Where have I been?

Well… funny you should ask that?

Because I’ve been here:


I have a confession to make. Blogs and updates are so hard for me to keep up with, because when I sit down at my computer to write them, I immediately get distracted by the stories in my own head.

I don’t think I’m nearly as interesting as the characters I create.

In the future will dedicate time to updating my blog more frequently but in the meantime I have started a youtube channel. I don’t think it’s boring, but then I am one of those people that can entertain myself. I laugh at my own jokes too. Hey, I think I’m funny.

Also you can catch the occasional picture of my slightly odd life on Instagram here

For those of you that have been waiting for book two, it is still in the hands of the editor. She is diligently working on it the final edits. A lot of people have helped me improve my writing craft and I hope that comes through in my story telling. Please be patient. It think it will be worth the wait.

And as a bonus, I’m releasing the cover art…. Well parts of it.

Genesis Spell Book Cover

Who am I?

I’m Tiffany Easterling, romance writer-aholic, and now amateur youtube…gooftard.