Entertaining Distractions and Diversions.


So, while book 2 ‘FateSpell’ gets a complete once over at the second editors I have been busy… doing absolutely nothing constructive.

I’ve mainlined lots of k-drama, anime and series on Netflix. I’ve read a ton of books and manga. And, I have spent my more recent hours roaming the streets and parks searching for Pokemon. Yes, I can’t help but give into the distraction when they are sitting on my keyboard waiting on my to catch them.

Okay, to be fair, I have not wasted all of my time. I‘ve started a new book series with a very sexy hero and an extremely self-assured heroine.

In other news, I’ve decided to shift my time from non-constructive to being productive, well, productive in a fun way.

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Who am I? Today I’m a transitioning to productive romance writer, Tiffany Easterling.