Goals, Projects, Ideas in the Works.

Normally, I really dislike posting my goals because a lot of the time I miss my own self-imposed deadlines. Yes, I have issues.

But, I do have goals that dont have a definite deadline, so I can talk about them. The rest are plans, and ideas in the works.

One of my goals, to get healthy, lose weight, and wear some awesome cosplay. I’ve already started… so that’s that. It will be done. Eventually.

Another goal, find some cute summer sandals that are comfortable to walk in before summer. This might prove slightly more difficult.

Right now I have dozens of notebooks filled with projects. Thanks to encouragement from my posse, I’ve chosen one. I’m 12,000 words deep. And, it’s going to be amazing

As far as upcoming ideas, I’m thinking on a 3 series lecture to offer at my local library. If they let me. And, a 1 series lecture for distant libraries, again if they let me. I never thought I’d do how to ‘writer’ stuff. But, I see a need in the writing community, and I have the knowledge. So, why not share.

I’m also thinking on contests. I’m just kind of lacking creativity. I always base these things on what I would find appealing. However, what I find appealing and popular opinion are not the same. So, I’m open to ideas.

I do have one idea, something I’ve always wanted to do. And, if I get others to participate, well hells yeah. I’ll be posting about that idea next week.

That’s really all for now.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling, the idea woman.