Truth and Tenacity.

2019 was both amazing and difficult for me.

I traveled a lot this year. Starting it with a cruise, and ending with a mountain vacation. And, there was a trip to Dragoncon in between. I got to see ancient cities, lavish castles, and met some amazing people.

Shout out to Karen. I met her at Dragoncon when she bought my book.

I accomplished a lot too.

I managed to survive a company restructuring for the day job. I finished and published Priestess. I got to go to Dragoncon as a vendor… to sell my books. I got to see my dad. I have improved my writing style exponentially. I started my weightloss, get healthy journey. I’ve kind of/sort of started a goal, which is to help other indie authors publish themselves. I found a face moisturizer that works, and yes that is a big deal. This is not new, but I am and was surrounded by people who love and support me. Oh oh, and I found out my sister is an amazeballs manager.

And… there was the setback.

Most everyone knows I took down Priestess because of some fatal grammatical errors that changed a lot of the context.

This devastated my writers ego.

I was forced to re-examine my author dream.

I always had this idea in my head that my success as a writer would mean I could support myself as a writer. I thought if I worked hard enough writing would be my day job. And, I’d always be smiling. I didn’t have the expectation of being a millionaire. I just want to write full time, maybe travel to some cons and spend hours talking about characters with fans. Yes. I realize the ridiculousness of that dream… now.

My books are grains of sand on vast beaches.

Because, I made the decision to take Priestess down, I came to believe that I would never accomplish my dream. I’d ruined my own reputation.

Well, I’ve matured a lot in three months because the scope of my dream has changed and I realize, that I’m living it.

I’m a writer. I’m an author. I’m a story teller. Monetary success can’t give or take that away from me.

So the dream has changed. I’m probably never going to make money as a writer. But, I am still living my dream.

I’m a published author. And, guess what. In 2020, I will expand my dream by publishing more works. And, those stories are going to be amazing.

So expect more super cheesy, scifi actiony romance from me… a lot more.

By the way, I did get the edits back on Priestess, and i will be doing a re-release with prizes, new cover reveals, and deleted scenes. It’s an amazing story and needs to be in the world. So look forward to that.

Also, look forward to more interaction from me.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling, writer, author, storyteller… still.