I tried it, I hated it, I went back to writing.

If you don’t already know. I started a video channel.

And, as with most things I do did my research, planned out content, and started making videos.

Video making was kind of… Ugh!

I didn’t expect how time-consuming video making and editing was. And, how much I HATED it.

I mean really hated it.

I can’t express the dread and hatred that came with sitting down and editing new videos, I found myself in a bubble of fear and anxiety whenever I set aside time to make videos. It was a day of torment that ended in awkwardness.

The weird part to this is, I’m an extrovert, far from shy, and I’m not easily embarrassed.

I just can’t vlog.

So, I’m here to announce there will be few to no videos. Instead, I am converting all of my content to blogs. (because it is good content).

There probably will be the occasional awkward, silly video. But, I will be deleting my youtube channel, and any videos will be short, very short, and on my Instagram page.

I’m sorry if I disappointed anybody.

But, I’m a writer… no more, no less. That’s all.

There will be more blogs. I realized that I have to do better at that. If I’m going to use my voice to write, then why put my cheesy geeky opinions of life, cool things, and hot guys out there.

So, look forward to that.

Promise to post again soon.

Who am I? I’m Tiffany Easterling, not a vlogger. NOT a vlogger