The writer and the nurse… Siblings.

Booby And Cindy

Ever see such adorable sisters? Yeah, me neither.

My sister just happens to be awesome. Recently she decided she wanted to be a nurse and today she graduated top of the class with her BS in nursing. In short, she made herself a nurse. Just like I wanted to be a writer, so I made myself a writer. There is something to be said about the Easterling sisters, we are not only adorable but we are very driven. We decide we want something and we do it. I love that about us.

I know I’m gushing. But, writing a book and getting through nursing school is hard work, heart breaking and wonderful work.

I’m proud of my sister. Because to me, the best dreams in life are the ones that you fulfill yourself.

I think we are a well rounded dynamic pair. Tiffany Easterling the writer and her sister the amazing nurse.