Is it to late to say Happy Halloween?

Holly The Spider


I hope everyone had a great Halloween, because I did even though I didn’t do anything.

Well, unless you consider forcing my dog to dress up as a spider something. For reals, she was something to see and not scary at all. (I was disappointed about that part.) But, she was adorable even if annoyed at me.

Okay, so I suppose I should address the obvious. Which is the lack of a published book two.

Let me apologize for disappointing all of you. It was not my intention.

Unfortunately, this year has been a hard one. I was diagnosed with a chronic disorder and am only just now able to control it. The side effects of said disorder are one of the few things that can stop me from writing. Seriously, most any other time I can’t wait to get to my computer and create worlds, characters, and stories. I just can’t do it when I am sick.

So, it is for this reason that I have to push back the publish date of book two. I am very sorry and please, if you are waiting, just be patient a little longer. It WILL be out by Christmas, if not the first part of December.

I will keep everyone apprised of my progress, promise.